Created by Ludovic Bonneton, Bon Parfumeur comes from a strong need for Freedom and authenticity. The brand embraces the traditions of perfume while giving them a modern twist.

Bon Parfumeur offers fragrances made for both men and women, and thought to be mixed, worn, changed… Made in France, the fragrances are artisanally made, only with high quality products coming from local producers and Always carefully chosen.

Bon Parfumeur is more than just perfume, it's an olfactive experience, created to free your creativity and individuality.

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002 - Neroli Jasmin et...

Price €32.50

Crée par Bon Parfumeur , ce parfum frais vous enveloppe de ses notes de fleur d'oranger. Une eau de parfum fraiche et douce, imaginée par Karine Dubreuil Sereni. Notes : fleurs blanches, fleur d'oranger,...