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One year ago, Hélène Fulchi created for moms this natural baby skincare range for babies and child, made in France with care in a renowned laboratory. For those products, she chose the adorable name "Minois", cute and easy to remember, and saying a lot about the high quality baby skincare she is offering for our little ones' pretty little faces and skin. Her products made with natural ingredients are certified with no paraben, no sulfate, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone and no colorants for a soft and adapted product to take care of your little one's skin.

With Minois Paris, Hélène designed a soft and poetic world around her french natural baby skincare, thanks to uncluttered and sober packagings modelled on the products she makes. She is a cute little girl's mother herself, so she has, like other moms, the responsability to take care of her child and to give her the best to help her to blossom all along her childhood. That's why she thrown herself with passion and love into Minois Paris adventure to guide moms and help them in their everyday life with their thousands of things to do. To begin with, she designed 3 skincare of which a shower gel for body and hair, a moisturizing cream for face and skin and also an alcohol free delicate water.

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Baume Magique

Price €20.00

Fabriqué à partir d'arnica bio, de fleur d'immortelle bio et de calendula bio, le baume réparateur Minois Paris est un indispensable du quotidien qui agit contre les coups, les bosses et autres petits bobos. On...

Lessive Parfumée Minois x...

Price €17.50

Dernière Pièce! La lessive ne sera plus jamais une corvée! On craque pour l'incroyable lessive parfumée issue de la collaboration  Kerzon x Minois Paris  fabriquée en France au coeur de la Provence selon...