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Here at French Blossom, we think that being beautiful on the outside is as important as being beautiful on the inside. That's why our beauty selection includes brands that we don't only love because of what they do, but also because of how they do it.

To take care of your skin, the body and face scrubs Terre de Mars are a must-have. Formulated without chemical products, they also are vegan and cruelty free. The face masks by Malou & Marius, made in the west of France, are perfect to moisturize and relax your skin.

Discover some new cosmetics ritual with the solid perfumes created by Sabé Masson, halfway between a perfume and a care product, and the solid deodorant by Fine.

Handmade in France, the toiletry bags Les Fils will be perfect to store your make up brushes created by Bacha. These brushes and handmade in France, with beech, a non-polluting wood.

You will also find the unavoidable portuguese brand, Benamor, and their offer of hand and body creams, soap and sets. Among their 4 fragrances, you will definitely find your own !

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Price €23.33

Découvrez la senteur délicate du soft perfume Copacabana créé par Sabé Masson . On aime ses notes de fleur de tiaré, douce et légère. Une formule hydratante et relaxante, parfaite pour prendre soin de vous....

Pinceau Duo

Price €12.50

Imaginé par Bachca , ce pinceau à maquillage mêle fibres fibres blanches, plus longues, qui permettent d'appliquer le produit,et des fibres écrues, plus courtes, qui estompent la matière . Il vous permettra...

Swing Beauty

Price €23.33

Avec sa douce fragrance florale, le parfum solide Sabé Masson Swing Beauty est une jolie idée cadeau à offrir à votre maman, votre soeur, votre amoureuse... On aime sa texture solide et ses ingrédients naturels,...